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Irene C. Papanestor Art Advisory LLC’s clients include a range of individuals and businesses wishing to add a visual art component to their living or working environment. Irene has acquired art for placement in private residences as well as for professional and public spaces worldwide, and she is adroit at suggesting art that perfectly reflects its surroundings and context. Irene is responsive to her clients’ needs and can effectively accommodate any acquisition scope and budget. Clients’ interests are represented at each stage of the advisory process with honesty and discretion.

Services offered include:

  • Consultation to determine client’s collecting interests and objectives
  • Identification of potential acquisitions to begin or develop extant collections
  • Comprehensive market analysis and research including title, provenance, authenticity, condition, and rarity of artwork
  • Presentation of artwork at galleries, art fairs, auction houses, artist studios, and client’s residence or place of business
  • Negotiation and acquisition of artwork on primary and secondary markets, and invoicing
  • Management of framing, installation, shipping, insurance, storage, conservation, and appraisals
  • Collaboration with architects and designers to integrate art within specified environments
  • Collection management including loans and de-accessions